Gregorian / Mayan Calendar
It's not the end of the word and you can't see it from here.

December 21, 2012 Party

COMING SOON!  Yes, It is 2012.  It's December.  Time to get a Plan on or duck underneath a classroom desk.  Grab the wine bottle. 

This is your party and recipe page for that extra Holiday Party next year.

Look forward to Mayan Food Recipes and decorative ideas to add to your traditional decor for your HAPPY 13th BAKTUN Party!

The Mayans originate from Central and South America.  We are looking at food from Mexico, Guatamala, and Honduras.  I can't say it would be much fun to fashion a party from mere staples such as maize, beans, chillies squashes, watermelon, avocados, and papaya.  Feasts boasted roasted fowl, bread and caocao drinks.

Go Mexican.  Go South American.  Make it a Christmas Fiesta.  

 Party Snack Food:
  • Tortillas & Hot Salsa dips.  Make them organic.  Genetically Modified Organisms, GMOs are not recommended.
  • Guacamole dips
  • Cubed Watermelon & Papaya
  • Chocolate:  The well to do Mayans enjoyed their chocolate.  Make yours dark. It is after-all now an anti-oxidant.  It's good for you!  Not necessarily in party proportions, but enjoy-- it is Dec. 21. It is the season.  And if we're wrong about just needing a new calendar? Well, it's certainly reason enough for just one more piece of chocolate.

By the way, no human sacrifices please.  Those were by a sect of the Aztecs.  They were crazy ass superstitious and warrior dudes.  The Mayans themselves were and continue to be a peaceful civilized people. 

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